About The premier news site about Steem

theSteemObserver is the premier off-Steem website about the Steem blockchain.

Initially launched as a Steem account in Q3 2017, with as aim to cover the development of Steem-apps, the account and accompanying website soon became dormant as not enough yet was happening on the Steem blockchain.

Relaunched in August 20181, things had changed and multiple SteemApps and also SteemInterfaces were available to Steemians. Additionally, the release date for the long-awaited SMT platform was finally announced.

theSteemObserver was started by tech veteran @FknMayhem, who was online pre-WWW already and has written about the Internet and web startups since beginning this Millennium.

The site is mostly a multi-authored blog aiming to provide non-Steemians tech people updates about all things happening on the Steem blockchain. theSteemObserver has no intention to become ‘yet another SteemApps directory’ but instead aims to be the ultimate news site about all Steem gossip things Steem.

All authors contributing to the site also submit their content to their own Steem account, possibly receiving rewards from publishing on the Steem blockchain. theSteemObserver‘s Steem account then ‘resteems’ the articles. The site takes no beneficary rewards from content published to the site and cross-posted2 to authors’ Steem accounts.

  1. As such a content gap exists about all things which happened in between and first time an app or interface is covered may or may not coincide with its launch or first few weeks. 
  2. Articles may be cross-posted automatically using the excellent SteemPress plugin for WordPress but authors are free to manually cross-post or decline to do so.