The Spectacular Rise of Steemit Alternative Interfaces Partiko and SteemPeak

Not that long ago I compared the popularity of apps on the Steem blockchain to Ethereum dApps popularity. In that post, the focus was mostly on SteemApps with a content or media specific focus, like @dlive, @steepshot, and @steemhunt.

In the fourteen days since, two so-called “everything bucket apps” or Steemit alternative interfaces have continued to make further inroads and now represent more than 5% of all content contributed to the Steem blockchain. At the same time dropped below 50% of all content contributed over the last seven days at the time of writing.

SteemPeak dashboard - Screenshot by Steemian @chronocrypto

SteemPeak dashboard – Screenshot by Steemian @chronocrypto

Popular alt-interface and mobile app @esteem still rank high but have dropped in popularity while @Partiko and @SteemPeak continued their rise despite an overall drop in content submitted to the Steem blockchain in that period.

According to the Sincerity API, the mobile Partiko app is now the 5th most popular app to interact with the Steem blockchain up 2 positions and 1.3% in volume. @Partiko is now the used for more than 5% of all content posted to the Steem blockchain.

While most interfaces registered a drop in amount of contributions submitted, as is often seen in the Steem ecosphere when market values are lower, Partiko continued its growth with almost 40% more posts and slightly more than 20% more comments submitted through its app, while registering 15% more users over the same period.

At the same time, the recently launched desktop/browser based SteemPeak interface grew to 1.3% of all content contributed, up from 0.6, and saw 20% more users over the last 7 days compared to the 14 days ago.

Both “everything bucket” interfaces are the only alternative apps which grew in userbase in the last 14 days, while and eSteem lost combined 1.3% marketshare in content submitted to the blockchain.

STEEM market’s performance in last 30 days - via

STEEM market’s performance in last 30 days – via

Yet, the drop in popularity due to STEEM’s value is reflected even more in volume posted through the top 3 apps than in their respective marketshare, with Steemit down more than 50,000 submissions, almost 7,000 submissions, and eSteem down almost 5,000 submission. In that same period Partiko and SteemPeak grew respectively almost 5,000 and 3,500 submissions.

All this points at Steemians actively continuing to look for alternatives to and even to the popular with its “loyalty upvote” bot.

Considering that both Busy and eSteem reward users for posting through their apps, the growth of both Partiko and SteemPeak is evidence that Steemians are willing to sacrifice a nominal upvote in exchange for a better experience.

Further of note is that WordPress crossposting plugin @SteemPress continued its growth and consolidation above 10%, now contributing 11.4% of all posts submitted to the Steem blockchain despite a minimal drop in actual volume. Activity tracker @actifit also continued its growth and saw more than 30% new contributors posting their actifit report to the Steem blockchain compared to two weeks ago. Lastly, photo sharing platform @dlike registered excellent growth in userbase as well, that most likely thanks to its recently announced Airdrop.

Most Popular SteemApps, Sept. 18 2018

Most Popular SteemApps, Sept. 18 2018

While Steemit Inc. still hasn’t delivered on its mobile app promise, it is clear a need exists as Partiko’s continued stellar growth shows. At the same time we see that in a world where nobody has brought Steemians brilliant or bold typography, excellent whitespace, let alone pull quotes, it is clear users expect more from their interfaces than just the ability to post as evidenced by the positive response to SteemPeak’s graphical dashboard and its continued, relentless development.

The meteoric rise of both apps shows that users are willing to forego an upvote for a better user experience.

There is no doubt that if Steemit Inc., through misterdelegation, were to extend the same favor to Partiko and SteemPeak as it does to with its ~500k SP delegation to the account, both Partiko and SteemPeak would rise the charts even faster.


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