Maximize Passive Steem Income with DrugWars

Now DrugWars has hammered home the “Ponzi in Steem”, let’s see how one can maximize passive returns.

As a minnow, earnings and thus STEEM are automated hard to come by. That is unless you start investing in yourself and account growth via bots. Growth is like in any “top of the food chain pyramid” style MMO slow and expensive.

For whales it is easy to make STEEM. Most have a solid following, including other whales and/or orcas, many also have decent trails or are part of curation trails. And, of course, there’s always the option of the causal selfvote which seems to have become the default nowadays. The worst ones, they operate copyright infringing self/altvoted content or automated posts with their own mini-trail. Growth and staying ahead of the wide curve is cheap, potentially even free when powered by selfvotes.


One of the great things so far about DrugWars is that, similar to Steem Monsters, it doesn’t make use of the rewards pool.

The game itself is very basic and primitive in model right now. You produce and as you produced enough resources, which you can’t go gather except via “robbery”, you level up your buildings in order to produce more. Levelling up requires always more resources and there’s always longer timers in between. Alternatively you just spend that “Monopoly money” STEEM is for some and spend and speed up your way through this.

Every day, a part of the daily played STEEM on DrugsWars is shared with the users, based on their actual production of drugs. You can also bank your drugs, which again results in a STEEM return depending on how much you banked that day.

Summarized: produce as many drugs as possible.

While I normally don’t fall in that trap of games, that also after having been addicted to the evil P2W that Game of War is, this wouldn’t be steem if we wouldn’t occasionally try to maximize, would it? Thus while DrugWars is stillat very early stage, I’m going to do something I normally don’t: join the crowd “for the monniezzz” and see if there’s a way to make passive income profitable.

As a minnow.


Sometimes things don’t have to be complicated. After an hour of looking in DrugWars it all became rather obvious: the production rate is too slow to grow and enjoy F2P. I know the trap, I’m not falling for it and even less so because the game is designed in ways that it is obvious from the first hour that it ain’t gonna work without investing relatively heavily.

No, thanks.

So I decided to keep things simple and easy: I bought the most expensive lvl1 drug production facility, the Cocina. The cocina gives 12.6k/day drugs production. Total spend: 2.4STEEM.

At the early stage of this game, there aren’t yet many users and the game says that 12.96k/day drags production returns around 1STEEM/day at the time of writing. Benefitting the game’s default lvl0 10,000k drugs protection in the silo, I need login only twice/day and can even bank drugs or invest drugs in other upgrades. There’s no other goal here than ride all the way home to the bank, or at least as long as the daily earnings are large enough for DrugWars to keep sending payouts.

Obviously, early in the evolution of the game as we are… I’m on quicksand here.

Even worse if this post were to gain the slightest amount of traction and people realize how cheap — 2.4STEEM should be accessible to most — the opportunity of ROI is here.

DrugWars will undoubtedly gain even more traction in the next few days, especially if as expected it continues its stellar rise in the StateofTheDapps rankings, where it jumped from — to 16 in its first 48 hours.

In ideal situation, completely with regularly banking my produced drugs a positive ROI should be achieved in the third day. But this is quicksand we’re on, instead I will just let the passive income come in passively and in 7 days I will report the ROI. Complete with whether upgrades were performed or not.

And, don’t forget to join the fun! Yes, that’s a cloaked referrer URL and I get some of your [production] gains. If you have any. Here’s the link again.


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