theSteemCrunch Issue 1: Steem Blast Day and SteemAppstivity

Welcome to the first issue of theSteemObserver’s newsletter, theSteemCrunch.

This newsletter will regularly be sent out, and also crossposted to the Steem blockchain, as we collected at least five interesting and insightful posts around what is happening in the world of Steem witnesses and also SteemApps.

With this newsletter we aim to provide an additional glimps into the world of Steem, especially to non-Steemians interested in being updated about the most significant events and updates around Steem’s ecosystem.

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theSteemCrunch Issue 1.

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A slightly older post already is the introduction post of @randybaker, Steemit Inc’s CFO, My journey to CFO at Steemit. In it Randy shares with us an interesting short story covering his early professional years, as well as his time at one of the world’s most influential accounting practices, KPMG, all the way to his current position at Steemit Inc.

“When I worked with KPMG in my twenties, everyone wore a blue suit. No exaggeration necessary; literally everyone and their brother was dressed in navy blue (sometimes with pin stripes). Looking back, I’m amazed at my own audacity, but amongst the blue suit brigade that was KPMG, I made my own way. I had long hair, an always-loosened tie, and never wore blue.”

-> Read “My Journey to CFO at Steemit”

Over the last few weeks, Top 20 witness @timcliff together with several other Steemians, organized the Steem Blast Day with many other Steemians following and participating to the inititiave. The day after @timcliff shared the results of the initiative with the SteemCommunity.

”Yesterday there were thousands of people talking about Steem all over the internet. It was incredible! The individual impacts that all of these interactions had are countless and immeasurable, but there were certainly quite a few highlights:”

-> Read “Steem Blast Day WOW”

Diego Pucci, AKA @elear, delivers a powerful insight in his vision of as well as few updates of what is ahead and will soon[ish] be released to the Utopian and Steem community. His A CEO diary #2 post is a must read.

”If you ever decide to run a community like this one, you will also soon realise the focus has to be on the community, on creating a culture, giving the genuine contributors the tools to drive all the others to come. This is where Utopian has spent and continues to spend an enormous amount of time.”

“It is hard, super hard, to create that culture. Convincing people to look further than the short-term benefits, betting for the long-term ones. Luckily, many of these contributors already arrived with this mindset. Many of them have been contributing without ever expecting a cent, long before the idea of Utopian was even in my head.”

-> Read “A CEO Diary #2” || Follow @utopian-io on Steemit

Mobile Steem app @partiko shares its second update report highlighting its excellent growth so far, as well as announcing a partnership with blockchain accelerator Forge Lab.

”Partiko and Forge Lab, a blockchain accelerator, have entered a partnership to drive the mass adoption of blockchain and crypto. Forgelab founder Chris Li, formerly an experienced software engineer at Microsoft, is now engaged in helping early-stage blockchain companies build a tokenized future. We are incredibly excited about this collaboration!”

Partiko’s excellent growth as one of the most active SteemApps was also visible in our article comparing the popularity of SteemApps to the most popular Ethereum dApps.

-> Read “Partiko Weekly Report 2” || Follow @partiko on Steemit

We end this first issue of theSteemCrunch with Actifit’s iOS release announcement. The announcement, part of Actifit’s ongoing transparent updates, also included a interesting detail about the activity tracker’s growth so far:

”Actifit kicked off its first days on the Steem blockchain with less than 10 contributions, and the number continuously increased until we have reached 200+ contributions per day, all of which are receiving upvotes and AFIT token rewards, as long as they reach the min amount of activity required per day (5,000 activity count)”

”The number of Active downloads for the Android app has crossed the 1,000+ mark, and with 200+ rewarded contributions per day (without counting ones with less than 5,000 activity), this puts Actifit at nothing short of 20% active usage, which is a remarkable number for an app.

-> Read “Actifit iOS is here” || Follow @actifit on Steemit

One More Thing

As a bonus, we wish to end this Issue #1 with Steemian @alvinoo’s SMULTS – Steem Multi Tag Search tool release.

“Smults is an acronym for Steem MULti Tag Search. It allows users to search multiple tags (up to 5 tags) at a time. User can also mark the ‘First tag as category’ checkbox, such that all returned results will be in the category as the first tag searched.”

The first issue of theSteemCrunch was curated and brought to you by @fknmayhem. If you think you read an interesting article which should be included in a future issue, feel free to ping him on zeh Titter.

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