The alternative Twitter on the Steem blockchain,, has announced an initial fundraising round via its blog on the Steem blockchain.

The biggest difference with Zappl, compared to Twitter, is first that Zappl is entirely decentralized and all content posted to it is hosted in the Steem blockchain. Second, being built on Steem, Zappl users get to benefit the opportunity to actually be financially rewarded for their zaps. Zappl takes a 15% commission of all rewards paid to posts, zaps, posted through its interface.

In its earliest week Zap rewards have ranged from anywhere between $0.00 to $265.56 for one. Currently the habit of most Steemians seems to be that they prefer to zap less because zaps also appear on their feeds in other Steem based platforms, thus creating additional noise. The earliest top earning zaps were mostly power-posters who benefit a solid curation trail. Whether tweets/zaps deserve to be financially rewarded is a hotly debated discussion.

The round writes out initial 20% of the available shares in Zappl.

Fundraising Synopsis

  • 20,000,000 shares are up for grabs = 20% stake out of 100,000,000 shares
  • Minimum buy in Zappl is $12,000. Unless a large amount of stake is purchased by one person which we can then lower the price of entry on the minimum buy-in.
  • 0.1% EQUITY per $12,000 INVESTED

This round values Zapple at an initial US$ 12 million dollars, merely weeks after launching its initial concept. Zappl is a product of relentless Steem creator @steemitqa and @thedegensloth. At the time of writing Zappl’s Linkedin profile lists only one team member, California based CEO James Sims. The Zappl team currently holds 0.225% of the shares, an initial investment of $25,000.

This funding opportunity is currently available only to US citizens.

Zappl is currently in Beta and accessible via its website. Mobile apps are said to be released soon. We wrote about Zappl the day it initially rolled out its Beta platform.

Zappl websiteZappl on Steemit

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